Resources for High School Students

A complete list of the best free resources for students to find the perfect college, visit colleges virtually, find scholarships, along with multiple college application step-by step guides.

Visit Colleges Virtually

  1. Campusreel– Videos, tours, and experiences from 300+ colleges
  2. CollegeVizzy – tour colleges for free, from your own house
  3. Directory of All Virtual Tours – Ranges from 3D tours, Q&A Sessions, and even 360 degree tours
  4. Youtube Playlist – 4k video tours of 38 different colleges

Finding Colleges

  1. Niche – Find colleges that match your specific needs
  2. Big Future – Filter down a database of over 3900 colleges into those that are a perfect fit for you

SAT Prep

  1. Khan Academy – Partner with Collegeboard; Official SAT Practice
  2. Prepfactory – simple SAT practice
  3. SoFlo Scholarship – Enter to win 8 hours of professional SAT help

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Scholarship Database – List of 8000+ available scholarships put into one database
  2. International Student Scholarship Finder – Scholarship finder for international students
  3. FastWebs – Scholarships based on your strengths, interests, and skills


  1. “Hey AddmissionsMom: Real Talk From Reddit”(Free book covering EVERYTHING needed to know when applying to college)
  2. Guide to Recommendation Letters
  3. College Cost Calculator
  4. How to Select Between Colleges

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